Sunday report for April 21, 2013

Found on Los Angeles Craiglist:
* Our Craigslist Ad of the Day (h/t Andy Meisler) tells interested women: “Please practice safe sex if you want to participate.” (
* The Koch brothers apparently are serious about acquiring Tribune’s eight newspapers. ( | (I’m looking for Tribune journalists’ reactions — not-for-attribution or on-the-record. Please email me.)
* Ken Doctor: “Publishers — on average — have cut their newsrooms more deeply than other parts of their operations.” (
* The apology that the New York Post should have issued. (
* “I don’t remember ever seeing this many writethroughs (83) on [an AP] story in my career,” writes Romenesko reader Jason Levan, who sent the image below. “What about you?” || “May never see that again.” (@ByTimReynolds) writethru
* Beginning Monday, all Boston Globe content will again be available only to subscribers. The paper has added a live blog for breaking news that can be shared via social media. (
* “You’ve got to do something with the money, and that’s what I like to do, buy places,” says David Sedaris, who owns eight properties. (
* Editorial cartoonist: “I don’t know if I’m a journalist or not.” (
* The last person to see the photo of a 78-year-old Boston Marathon runner on the ground? Possibly that runner. (
* Evidence of more plagiarism by a former Stanford Review columnist. (
* LAT’s political team wins the paper’s Editor’s Award for Persistence (aka the Golden Cockroach Award). (
* Bret Easton Ellis is banned by the GLAAD Media Awards. ( | The winners: (
* Public radio tattoos make a comeback. (
* “Major conflict”: Student publications director candidate is married to university’s PR veep. (
* Oh, boy! E! to livestream White House Correspondents’ Association dinner red carpet. (
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