Evening report for April 30, 2013

* Facebook rejects an ad criticizing a political group co-founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (washingtonpost.com)
* Andrew Sullivan says blogs will never die; it’s magazines that are in trouble. (andrewsullivan.com)
salt* HuffPo, AOL, Arianna and seniors who “borrow” restaurant salt and pepper shakers. (adage.com)
* CNN’s total viewership in April was up nearly 80% compared with the same month a year ago. (nytimes.com)
* There was plenty to hate about CNN’s “Crossfire” in its late years, but… (newrepublic.com)
* TheStreet.com’s CEO got $1.3 million last year; co-founder Jim Cramer received $1.47 million. (talkingbiznews.com)
* How the Register’s Cathy Taylor plans to cover Orange County from Washington, D.C. (ajr.org)
* Documentary team takes cover when gunmen open fire in Philadelphia. (guncrisis.org)
* A sports journalist doesn’t care for a cartoonist’s Manti Te’o jab. (shermanreport.com)
* Twelve U.S. Knight Fellows are selected. (The program at Stanford received 100 applications.) (stanford.edu)
* Go ahead and ask Warren Buffett a question about newspaper investments and see if he’ll answer. (fortune.cnn.com)
* A preview of Reuters’ new website: (reuters.com)