Koch brothers ‘are good people,’ says Rush Limbaugh

rushRush Limbaugh told his listeners Thursday that David and Charles Koch “are as besmirched, impugned, character assaulted in the mainstream media and in the far-left blogs as anybody.”

Limbaugh says he’s played golf with Charles and knows David, and “I can personally attest to their character, their citizenship, their decency. They are good people.”

They’re successful at everything … they do. You would think that people at the LA Times — objective, good-hearted, true-to-the-cause journalists — would be interested in the place they work staying in business. But nope. If a couple libertarians walk in there or if a couple conservatives walk in there? “To hell with it!” Half of them claim that they will quit. You have a financially sound potential buyer coming in and the deadwood self-deports. I think that’s a great thing.

Limbaugh says it would be a good thing if half of the newsroom walked out. “Bring in some fresh blood — people who appreciate a paycheck, people who actually want to save a dying industry, find ways to save a dying beast, which is the problem.”

His advice to the Koch brothers: “If you guys are serious about buying the LA Times, you need to get a promise in advance from those members of the Times promising to quit if you buy it. Get a written promise from ’em before you sign the deal.”

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