Times-Picayune staffers jump to The Advocate

images2The Advocate has hired these journalists from the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Martha Carr, a 16-year veteran of The Times-Picayune. She’ll be managing editor of the New Orleans Advocate.
Gordon Russell, who was the Times-Picauyune’s leading investigative reporter. He’ll be managing editor for investigations at the Advocate.
— Courts reporter Claire Galofaro, and City Hall reporter Andrew Vanacore.

Advocate editor Peter Kovacs, who was ousted as Times-Picayune managing editor in 2012, says of the new hires: “They are coming because they share our belief that a great city like New Orleans deserves a daily, home delivered newspaper.”

While the Advocate is hiring, the Daily News in New York is laying off staff. Joe Pompeo reports that about 15 newsroom employees, including veteran gossip columnist Joanna Molloy, got pink slips today.

* Pulitzer-winners leave Times-Picayune for the Advocate (theadvocate.com)
* Pink slips for dozen-plus New York Daily News staffers (capitalnewyork.com)