Morning report for May 9, 2013

* Ten public employee unions urge Tribune’s largest shareholder not to sell to the Koch brothers. ( | Meanwhile, Charles Koch is now a sponsor of BuzzFeed Politics. (@JuddLegum)
* Koch Industries spokeswoman declines to say whether the company is seeking to buy the Los Angeles Times and other Tribune properties. (
* Does Chicago care if the Koch brothers buy the Tribune? (
* “No, Twitter doesn’t have ambitions to be a news operation,” says its creative content manager. (
onion* How the Syrian Electronic Army hacked The Onion. (
* In the years Amanda Berry was missing, the Plain Dealer newspaper ran 36 articles about her; it published 19 about Gina DeJesus. (
* Student journalists discover Otterbein University has been violating federal law by requiring students involved in sexual-assault cases to sign confidentiality agreements. (
* What the…?! University of Sydney media lecturer tells students to try to get a fake story published in the campus paper. (
* Teen’s browser plug-in blocks tweets with TV spoilers. ( | (
* A Slate review of “Wool” produced an immediate sales spike; a Wall Street Journal feature produced a comparable result, but with a delayed reaction. (
* USA Today’s Craig Wilson writes in his final “Final Word” column: “Some of you were offended by the fact I wrote so openly about my longtime partner, Jack. I have no regrets. It was my little contribution to the cause.” (