Press-shy Matt Drudge opens up about good posture

Matt Drudge rarely talks to journalists, especially when they’re from the so-called liberal media.

A few years ago, New York Times reporter Jim Rutenberg wrote a long piece about The Drudge Report and its influence, but couldn’t get Drudge to talk.drudge The blogger, he wrote, “for all his renown in politics is a somewhat spectral presence who rarely agrees to meet with political operatives or journalists and who did not respond to requests for an interview for this article.”

We learned last weekend how a Timesperson can get Drudge to talk: just bring up posture. He was in the lead (and beyond) of Amy Schoenfeld’s piece on Esther Gokhale, the “posture guru of Silicon Valley.” The reporter tells Romenesko readers how that happened:

Ms. Gokhale connected me with Mr. Drudge after he took a course with her early in the year (I had already interviewed her several times and she knew I wanted to speak with clients). He was very open to chatting and was willing to share his experience because he felt strongly about it. Her method had worked well for him and he wanted others to know about it. As a heavy computer user, he is concerned about the consequences of computer use.

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