Morning report for May 16, 2013

* About 40 parties have expressed interest in acquiring some or all of Tribune Co.’s newspapers. (
* Study finds that hate-tweets come in larger proportions from people living in the eastern half of the U.S. (
apos* The Board on Geographic Names has scrubbed an estimated 250,000 apostrophes from federal maps. (
* Tech journalists get a nice parting gift from Google. (
* Meet the 76th class of Nieman Fellows: (
* El Paso media may end up dealing with a mayor who’s also one of their biggest advertisers. (
* Publisher in India threatens to sue U.S. blogger for $1 billion. (
* Reporters chase Sacramento Kings co-owner George Maloof into a closet. ( | (
* National Review’s Kevin Williamson is kicked out of a theater for tossing a woman’s phone; charges might follow. (
* Young sportswriter who’s written three books can’t find a job. (“I only found sparse freelance work that was rarely consistent or rewarding.”) (
* Ken Doctor on what went wrong with NewsRight. (
* McClatchy’s Bradenton Herald is selling its building and moving downtown. (
* Update: Chicago Tribune’s weekly ad flier shows up at Michael Miner’s house again. (