[UPDATED] NPR is looking for someone to say ‘This is NPR’

HELP WANTED: NPR seeks a person who loves public radio and has a “clear, confident, and welcoming” voice that will be used for all of the network’s “support for this program comes from…” announcements.

Applicants get bonus points for demonstrating familiarity with “the Public Radio sound” and having the ability to sound authentic on the radio. “We’re not looking for ‘the voice of god,'” says the ad.

The ideal candidate has a “working style that makes the complex look simple” and gets “a bit tingly at the thought that your voice will be part of public radio’s daily connective tissue all across the country.”

* NPR Careers Center – “This is NPR” announcing job (npr.icims.com)

UPDATE: NPR spokesperson Cara Philbin tells Romenesko readers:

Frank Tavares has voiced our underwriting credits as a part-time contractor (from his home) for more than three decades. NPR is creating an Announcer staff position and moving this role in-house to bring greater efficiency to our broadcast operations. We are also putting in place a new process that will allow us to respond quickly to new sponsorship opportunities. We hope to make the final selection for the Announcer position by this summer and, once it is filled, we’ll have a gradual transition this fall.

* Tavares reads lyrics to “Welcome to the Jungle” (npr.org)
* Tavares’ visit to WNPR “turned us all into giddy schoolgirls” (yourpublicmedia.org)