Morning report for May 24, 2013

* Today’s Seattle Times front page ( | April 8, 2013: The myth of the falling bridge (
* You know you’re out of the newspaper business when you don’t care about whether blogs or Twitter or Tumblr “will save newspapers.” (
* Leonard Downie Jr.: The Obama administration’s steadily escalating war on leaks is the most militant I’ve seen since the Nixon administration. (
* Will Bunch “welcomes” new columnist Gov. Corbett. ( | Democrats criticize for giving Corbett the platform. (
* Dozens of anti-Koch protesters march to “the very expensive home” of Tribune chairman Bruce Karsh. (
* Vice Media founder: “We’re like any other media company, we’re just younger and weirder.” (
* For female sports journalists, sexist comments about their looks are as common as time-outs. (
* New York tabloids play with Weiner on their covers. (
* How Alan Sepinwall and other TV writers plan to watch “Arrested Development.” (
* Watch BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti, NYT Co.’s Mark Thompson and others at the Future of Media conference. (
* What the Washington Post’s foreign correspondents are reading. (
* San Francisco Chronicle has a new management team. (
* High school journalist gets $24,000 award; Sierra Searcy, 18, says she wants to change the world. (
* “The Electric Newspaper” debuted at the Los Angeles Times in 1931. (
* Asking price for the Gannett Building in downtown Rochester is $4.95 million. (
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