Morning report for May 30, 2013

signYou’ll regret this error! Man threatens to blow up sign over missing “D” in “and.”
Leonard Burdek, 50, walked into the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission office in Salem, Ore., with a pressure cooker bomb and told employees he tried to blow up their sign because of a missing letter. He also complained that the instructions to detonate the bomb, which failed to go off, also had misspellings. The standards commission executive director says it’s possible someone scraped the D off or it wore off over time. (

Also this morning….
* AP, New York Times and others refuse to attend Eric Holder’s meeting because it’s off the record. ( | (
* New York Times might let more advertisers sponsor stories on its website. (
* Garry Trudeau takes a break from “Doonesbury” while he works on an Amazon Studios comedy. (
* The Harvard Crimson’s “Snow Fall”? (
* BuzzFeed: “We’ve been covering llamas since the early days of BuzzFeed. The Onion trolled us… A+ job.” (
* The Guardian’s coffee shop has “infographics everywhere, iPads built into tables, [and] not a newspaper in sight.” (
* Association of Food Journalists announces its awards competition finalists. (
intern* “The Internship” director says: “I could only fit about 65% of the weird facts that I learned about Google into the movie.” (
* About two dozen anti-Koch protesters showed up at Tribune Tower on Wednesday. (
* “Many of those up in arms about the prospect of the ideologically minded Kochs expanding their footprint in media for nefarious reasons, I’ll wager, couldn’t be bothered to subscribe to a newspaper,” writes Brian Lowry. (
* A WSJ scoop? CNN boss Jeff Zucker reveals his summer travel plans. (
* Grumpy the Cat joins the elite ranks of those with a WSJ hedcut. (@lheron)
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