Journalism Job Ad of the Day: ‘Writer need to be committed’

“This is a great time if you can write 500-700 words per article 3-5 times a day or a week. Writer need to be committed.”
— From the New Yorker Times Magazine help-wanted ad

From a Romenesko reader who asks not to be named:

Hey there, Jim. My wife and I are moving to Missoula, Montana, where I’ll work on [redacted]. I just looked on Craigslist under “writing/editing” jobs and saw a post titled “Online publication is hiring writers.” That publication’s name? The New Yorker Times.

Go to, and you’ll read that the site is part of the Frackle Media Group. Click a “Frackle Media Group” link and you’ll go to, site of “The Guardian Express.” According to the site, the Guardian Express was “first conceived as a newspaper to be distributed in and around the Las Vegas, Nevada area,” but “moved away from printing newspapers after 22 consecutive publication weeks.”

Whether it’s the company’s origin story, its publication scope (which includes “tall tales” and “myths” alongside “investigative journalism”) or the name itself, I’m sure your readers would be interested in your thoughts on the site.”

I don’t know if the New York Times will claim the name causes confusion in the marketplace, but I suspect it’ll have a problem with one of the site’s Twitter feeds: @ceoNYTimes. (It has over 250,000 followers.)

* Online publication is hiring writers (