[UPDATED] When was Dorothy Rabinowitz last on a bicycle? (I’ve asked the WSJ)


Reaction to Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz’s Citi Bike editorial:

— “Funnybone tickled for whole weekend by this foam-flecked denunciation of #BikeNYC/#Citibike–thnx Dorothy Rabinowitz!” (@ChMadar)

Is this you, Dorothy?

Is this you, Dorothy?

— “Indeed she does represent people who have chauffeur limos driving them around. SNOB.” (@WoMayoChen)
— “I watched about 10 seconds of the video of Dorothy Rabinowitz talking about the shocking blight of bike share and threw up in my mouth.” (@poetas)
— “Dorothy Rabinowitz is what would happen if a mad scientist made a hybrid of Cindy Adams and Andrea Peyser.” (@hunterw)
— “Old & Outta touch WSJ Dorothy Rabinowitz no like & hasn’t used #citibike but [NYT’s] Bill Cunningham does.” (@bikeblognyc)
— “Rabinowitz’s loathing of #citibike/#bikenyc is pathological.” (@BicyclesOnly)

* “She’s speaking for a small minority of the city who probably never use public transportation and would only dream of sitting on a bike for the occasional joyride.” (policymic.com)

snob* “Bike Snob” Eben Oliver Weiss, who was profiled by the Wall Street Journal in 2010, says today that Rupert Murdoch’s paper “wins at stupid” because of Rabinowitz’s anti-bike commentary. Weiss adds: “I’d say that in a few years this paper is going to be a laughingstock, but the fact is that thanks to this video they’re a laughingstock now.”

* Extra! Extra! Wall Street Journal wins at stupid (bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com)
* Erik Wemple calls the Rabinowitz video “a piece of brilliance” (washingtonpost.com)