Morning Report for June 4, 2013

* Eliminating an entire photo department is “the kind of bottom line decision that just makes a corporation look self-centered and heartless.” (
unemployment* “The day I got laid off, I had an $1,800 lens delivered to my house,” says former Sun-Times photographer Rob Hart. (
* Matt Zoller Seitz is the new editor of ( | Seitz introduces himself: (
* Jay Rosen says New York Times Co.’s CEO gave “bad information” in a speech to Columbia business school grads. (
* Uh-oh! New York magazine’s “Approval Matrix” is not a matrix. (
* Will Nikki Finke’s next big exclusive be about her Deadline Hollywood departure? (
* Jules Witcover: Anybody with or without a sane thought in his or her head can be a “journalist” these days. (
* San Francisco Chronicle’s ethics policy doesn’t apply to columnist Willie Brown because he “is not a journalist or a member of the Chronicle’s news staff.” (

EWTN news anchor Colleen Carroll Campbell

EWTN news anchor Colleen Carroll Campbell

* Stories on the soon-to-launch EWTN nightly newscast will be filtered through a “Catholic lens.” (
* Tech start-ups are hiring veteran journalists from old media. (
* Housing recovery boosts shelter magazines. Ad pages in category were up 7.2% in the second quarter. (
* David Gergen: We cross a line when the government starts criminalizing reporters for asking tough questions. (
* Bruce Karsh, whose firm is looking to sell Tribune’s newspapers, “is something of a reluctant Citizen Kane.” (
* General Mills disables comments on Cheerios YouTube Ad. The company says they “were not family-friendly.” (
* Author of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine cover story didn’t find Rahm Emanuel “abrasive in the kind of caricatured way I’d often read about.” (