A fly in your soup? Don’t bother telling OpenTable about it


A longtime OpenTable user’s review for the site mentioned that fruit flies were flying around diners’ plates and dead flies were in the restaurant’s window. The piece never got posted and OpenTable marketing senior veep Ann Shepherd explains why:

We don’t edit diner reviews, but we do use some screens to filter reviews that may be inappropriate.

The review in question was flagged by our automated system because it contained words that might suggest possible safety issues or health code violations. Given the damage such a claim can cause to a restaurant’s reputation and our inability to verify the facts, our system identifies comments regarding sanitation and cleanliness and keys off words like “fly.”

* Questioning the reviews on OpenTable (insidescoopsf.sfgate.com)

UPDATE: “How about airborne protein?” writes one of my Facebook friends. Read more fly/flies substitutes that might fly on OpenTable.