Angry Chicago news photographer blasts Sun-Times for layoffs

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Veteran Chicago news photographer Phil Greer wrote this for his Facebook friends and gave me permission to share it with Romenesko readers. He left the Chicago Tribune a dozen years ago to become Photojournalist in Residence at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

Phil Greer

I apologize for my spelling and punctuation. I am just so angry over what transpired At the Chicago Sun-Times that I hit the send button before I read my post.

(Credit:  Ashley Boncimino)

(Credit: Ashley Boncimino)

This is a fight for more than just photojournalism at the Sun Times, This is a fight for journalism is the American public willing to except mediocrity. Do you want large corporations determining what they want you to think is news . Or do we want dedicated professional journalists to do the job .

Time and time again I watched large corporations buy Newspapers cut staff and say less is more. It is not!

Newspapers have an obligation to society. They are the watchdogs, To Keep society honest. All too often we except mediocrity I now say no more .

Now more than ever we need a strong media. One that holes government and society accountable for its actions.
If we except the actions of the Sun Times we except the demise of our society.

This is not to say that upper management is always the blame.

In my 24 years As a journalist at the Chicago Tribune I watch lower-level management rollover and followed dictates that were wrong. My job is important, I have a wife and children at home, I need to provide for them. I need a paycheck.
Not the way to function./CONTINUES

When you decided to become a journalist You were given a sacred trust to be the eyes and ears of the public, To inform them and help them build a better society.

Again I am not naïve I know that newspapers are in business to make money, But it was never intended to violate that trust.

Phil Greer

Phil Greer

So I guess what I’m asking is do we want quality journalism or do we want Happy talk and nothing that upsets us.

I guess that is the American public’s call they must decide.

Do not accept the dumbing down of America. Stand up and fight. Tell them no more!

If you Put quality in your product people will buy it. Why because they need quality journalism.

You decide but if you let this Transpire. Then there is no hope for society or journalism.