Author of quirky ‘Wizard of Oz’ summary is still looking for fulltime work

summariesEight months ago, I tried to help Rick Polito get credit for his quirky “Wizard of Oz” summary that everyone reported was written by a Philadelphia Inquirer staffer. (That happened because of the way the image-gone-viral was trimmed.)

“Use the words ‘desperate for employment’” in your piece,” he told me last October.

On Wednesday, Polito sent Romenesko readers an update: “I was never able to turn the Oz synopsis viral tsunami into a job. Believe me, I tried –, Zap2It, TV Guide, etc. Every cover letter includes a reference to the ‘quip that launched a billion tweets.'”

Polito's Twitter avatar

Polito’s Twitter avatar

He now writes funny lines for George Takei’s Facebook page and “even at $10 a joke it still feels like a validation to see so many people reacting to my humor. I have written jokes that got 10 likes per second for hours. The power of George is unbelievable. His fans are a viral army. He may not be a stockholder, but he owns Facebook.”

My possible good news this week is that a book I wrote a few years ago (and my agent gave up on) is #2 in “Hot New Releases” for kids’ sci-fi in the Kindle store. That sounds more exciting than it is, given the sales. But it’s something. I’m in the top 100 in two categories.

“I love all the attention,” he adds, “but that’s not really a job.”

“Wizard of Oz” synopsis is going to follow writer to the grave (