Winners of the Livingston Awards are announced

Winners of the Livingston Awards — $10,000 prizes for journalists under the age of 35 — were announced this morning. From the release:

* Local reporting: Alexandra Zayas, 29, of Tampa Bay Times, “In God’s Name,” an investigation of child abuse in religious group-homes. Zayas reported on unlicensed facilities in Florida that are exempt from the state’s laws against corporal punishment and state oversight in “I sought to tell a story that had gone untold for almost three decades,” Zayas said. “The state launched a crackdown on this group of homes in response to the investigation, and the Florida House passed a bill to provide better oversight.”

* National reporting: Rachel Manteuffel, 28, in Washingtonian Magazine, “The Things They Leave Behind,” a poignant story about the items left by visitors at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. “The objects left behind speak of matters so intimate,” Manteuffel said, “they may be indecipherable except to two people – one living, one dead.”

* International Reporting: John D. Sutter, 29, and Edythe McNamee, 27, of CNN Digital, “Slavery’s Last Stronghold,” a multimedia story on slavery in West Africa. Mauritania abolished slavery in 2008 but only one person has been prosecuted for slavery since then and the tradition continues. Sutter’s and McNamee’s interviews with slaves and slave owners found a deeply ingrained system in which family history and skin color continue to separate the free from the enslaved.

* Livingston Award finalists