Thomas Friedman plugs his daughter’s friend’s business – again!

“I don’t know about you,” RosenblumTV CEO Michael Rosenblum writes to Romenesko, “but I find it a bit unseemly that Tom Friedman uses the pages of the New York Times to pimp for his daughter’s roommate’s business venture – twice yet, and without noting it.”

Sharef and Friedman

Sharef and Friedman

Actually, Friedman did disclose in his May 28 column that HireArt co-founder Eleonora Sharef was his daughter’s college roommate. (Gawker went after him for it.)

Friedman didn’t note the roommate connection in today’s column, but the online version has a link to the earlier column with the disclosure.

* First mention of Friedman’s daughter’s college roommate and her business | Today’s mention (

UPDATE: Gawker has something to say about Friedman’s latest column.