More than 50 have applied for The Awl editor-in-chief job

justask2How many people have applied for The Awl’s editor-in-chief job, which Andrew Beaujon said “sounds like it may be one of the best jobs in journalism.”

The Awl co-founder Choire Sicha tells Romenesko readers:

Looks like we’ve received somewhere north of 50 inquiries so far. [The ad was posted last Wednesday.] Our last job posting had about 115 applicants, and I’d say we’ll probably get there over the course of this week. Overall, I’d say they skew a bit male, though actually not terribly, and are more than a bit white (as near as I can tell).
Otherwise, they’re all over the map, which is kind of cool. In terms of background (and these are essentially categories we’re disregarding in hiring), there’s a seriously broad mix of experience, ranging from glossy magazine editorships, newspaper work, and Internet experience, as well as the full range of currently quite shockingly “well-employed” to the under-employed. It’s gratifying to see people currently in what are thought of as “dream jobs” applying.

Choire Sicha

Choire Sicha

Of course there are a couple notes with misspellings and whatnot that are going straight in the trash, and a couple that are just wildly inappropriate, but that’s par for the course with a public posting. I have noticed that a few of the applicants are really pretty young, which is kind of cool, while there are others that are far more established. On the young side, we were especially impressed with the person who told us that the position would mesh really well with an internship they’re starting at another publication later this year. Probably the kind of person with whom we’re going to entrust this editorial budget is not someone else’s intern! (Unless they’re really amazing? I guess? We really are trying to keep an open mind!)

Our timeline is that we’re letting it all pile up all throughout this week, and we’ll start reading them in earnest this coming weekend. I really do think this is a great job, with more freedom than you’d have almost anywhere else, and with a budget to hire some excellent people with whom to go forth and have a ball.