Morning Report for June 11, 2013

Tim Funk: Arrested on the job

Tim Funk: Arrested on the job

* Charlotte Observer religion reporter Tim Funk is arrested while covering protesting clergy members. ( | Photo of the reporter with a cop: (@andrew_dunn)
* Stephen Engelberg: “These days it’s easy to forget what a kind of leap in the dark it was to leave a struggling, but established, news organization for a startup like ProPublica.” (
* Edward Snowden’s a new kind of leaker for the digital age, says David Carr. ( | (
* John Oliver did just fine on his first night as “Daily Show” anchor, says Gail Shister. (
* New York Times posts — then pulls — story headlined: “For Women in Weiner Scandal, Indignity Lingers.” (
* At least four big-money parties are eyeing Tribune’s newspapers. (
* The Guardian’s website set a traffic record on Monday. ( | Could the Guardian win a Pulitzer? (
* Nearly half of online ads aren’t seen by website visitors. (
* High school yearbook staffers are “devastated” by captions identifying athletes as “creepy smile kid” and “some tall guy.” (

- Cover of the day

– Cover of the day

* Tallahassee Democrat editor: “A year ago April we raised the price of the Sunday newspaper to $3 in vending machines and retail outlets. We have since reduced the price to $2, but we did so quietly, and without saying we were sorry for the miscalculation.” (
* How Miami Herald photographer Charles Trainor got his LeBron block photo. (
* The best, worst and weirdest of Miami Herald items being sold on eBay. (
* is said to be hiring beat writers for all 32 NFL teams. (
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