Here’s what would happen if Clark Kent tried to get a newspaper job today


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Newspapers and journalism take a beating in “Man of Steel” tweets
* “Are we really supposed to believe there’s a newspaper adding employees?” (@brianbatescomic)
* “It’s ridiculous, completely unrealistic. You can’t get a job in a newspaper that easily.” (@emsug)
* “Biggest beef w/ Man of Steel? Guy with no apparent j-school background gets job at a major paper. Wanted to throw my degree at the screen.”
* “Wow, #manofsteel is totally unrealistic sci-fi. Features a newspaper editor with a conscience who actually decides not to break a story!” (@mmiedl)
* “The thing that was hardest to believe about Man of Steel was the idea of responsible, committed newspaper journalism.” (@khealywu)
* “Looking forward to the scene in the Man of Steel sequel where Clark has to stop working on an internet slideshow to go be Superman.” (@BMcCarthy32)
* “The most unrealistic part of Man of Steel is that a daily newspaper is thriving and sends beat reporters out on international assignments.” (@bmillercomedy)
* “Good that Lois Lane is a print reporter. She works in obscurity. If she was on TV she’d be busy hosting/guest-speaking. No time for Superman.” (@TerryMac2)

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