Morning Report for June 18, 2013

* A “one-woman news organization” loses her home in Colorado’s wildfires but keeps reporting. (
* Allan Sloan: “As I predicted several years ago, the IRS has challenged the tacky tax-avoiding way that [Sam] Zell had Tribune unload Newsday.” (
* Jim VandeHei: No politician is better at navigating the media than Rahm Emanuel. (
* Roger Ebert would have turned 71 today. (
* Why photojournalism is an integral part of our industry. (
* Facebook’s “hotly anticipated” video ads are delayed until fall. (
* News organizations, including Wall Street Journal and NBC News, continue to embrace native advertising. (
lois* Lois Lane doesn’t tweet or blog. Is that because she’s too old media or just too busy helping save the world? (
* Baltimore Sun announces a paid summer internship named for former newsroom leader Mary J. Corey. (
* Report that says India’s media has failed to stop the practice of paid news is underplayed by India’s media. (
* Rupert Murdoch’s biographers question a widely reported $1.7 billion divorce settlement figure. (
* Murdoch returns to Twitter in a weird way. (
* Must-see TV? A reality show in Norway features live-streaming of salmon swimming up river for 18 hours. (
* JJ Yore, who helped create “Marketplace,” loses his job in a restructuring of the American Public Media show. (
* On brain scans, New York Times ignores its own columnist. (
* The Association for Women in Sports Media celebrates its 25th anniversary. (
* Idaho photographer sues BuzzFeed for using his soccer photo, which ended up on dozens of websites. (
* Atlanta “morning zoo” team go from suspended to fired after making fun of Steve Gleason, the former Saints player with ALS. (