Sean Hannity: I was a troublemaker as a kid

Fox News talker Sean Hannity tells Playboy that he was “a big troublemaker” when he was a kid.
“I don’t know how far I want to go with my honesty here, but I was taken home by the cops in the first grade for hanging on the back of cars in the wintertime,” he says. “We called it ‘skitching.’ I’d get in trouble for sneaking out of the house late at night to have snowball fights. And I started smoking at a young age. I remember pitching baseball games and smoking a cigarette between innings.”

PLAYBOY: Didn’t Catholic school keep you in line?

HANNITY: Nobody could really discipline me. I remember one day at Sacred Heart Seminary in Hempstead, Long Island, the boys hadn’t been good and one of the fifth-grade teachers was pulling their ears and slapping them on the head. She gets to me and I’m like, “You’re not pulling my ear, and you’re not slapping me either.” I stood up for myself pretty early. My father, on the other hand, if he got mad, you knew it. The belt would come flying off. I got my fair share.

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