That’s Mike Allen’s office – not a scene from ‘Hoarders’

Earlier in the week, Gawker asked people to submit photos of Politico star Mike Allen’s messy office. The site got this shot of Allen’s office from his Time magazine days.

A few years ago, New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich wrote about Allen’s Time office:

It became difficult to even open the door. His chair was raised at a crooked angle, as if it were not touching the floor, and the debris rose so high in some places that it blocked a portion of light coming through a picture window. Colleagues took pictures, as if the place were an archaeological site.

* This is a picture of Mike Allen’s old office at Time (

UPDATE: Mary Duan mentions on my Facebook wall that Los Angeles Times crime reporter Nielsen Himmel was a hoader, too. I dug up his obit from 1999, which says:

He subscribed to 56 magazines and apparently never threw one away. His small Echo Park apartment, where he had lived since the 1950s, was stacked, floor to ceiling, with old magazines and newspapers. Visitors had to negotiate tunnels of newsprint to move from one room to another….

Himmel did not own a car. Instead, he rented an automobile from a rental car agency, paying a daily rate. The interiors were always a sight to behold, an odorous melange of partly eaten hamburgers, chicken bones, fast-food wrappers, French fries and stacks of newspapers. Whenever the trash rose high enough to obscure the rear windshield, Himmel simply turned the car in and rented another one.

Himmel had been rear-ended once, and he was convinced the stacks of newspapers saved him. Since then, he always made sure the back of the car had sufficient newsprint padding.

* Nielsen Himmel dies; covered crime in L.A. for half a century (