How a Sun-Times photographer found out he was about to lose his job

How Rob Hart figured out that something was up at the Sun-Times just before he and the paper’s other photographers were laid off:

I got a phone call from my photo editor and he wanted to know the serial numbers off of our equipment. Anyone who’s ever worked at a newspaper knows that when they call you and ask what equipment do you have, that’s your last day.

And then we got an email at 5:30, after all of our assignments had gone out for the next day, that said you have to come downtown for a meeting, which they never invite us downtown. We’ve never had the entire photo staff in one place, ever. That was the first and last time we were all in the same place. …They had an extra security guard at the door of the editorial floor. When I saw that extra security guard there, I was like, OK, this is going down.

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