Publisher misspells name of copy editor’s brother in Dedication

Kenneth Walsh writes after getting a copy of his brother Bill’s new book, “Yes, I Could Care Less: How to Be a Language Snob Without Being a Jerk”:

Had heard a rumor about the dedication, but was tickled when I saw it in print — complete with my brother Terence’s name misspelled. To even it up, Bill added an old-school proofreader’s mark, because spelling Terence — which he is used to getting as Terrence or Terrance, both acceptable alternatives — as TERANCE is about as ridiculous as spelling my name KENNATH.

UPDATE: Bill Walsh, a Washington Post copy editor, tells Romenesko readers: “My editor was very apologetic. On the bright side, the first printing was only 6,000 copies, so we’ll get it fixed once those collector’s items get snatched up. And I’m trying to correct the copies I sign.”


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