Santa Fe Reporter editor defends controversial Summer Guide cover


KOAT-TV reports the weekly Santa Fe Reporter is “under fire” for this Summer Guide illustration resembling Our Lady of Guadalupe. “That’s blasphemous,” one man told the station. Editor Alexa Schirtzinger (pictured below) declined to be interviewed by KOAT, but she tells Romenesko readers:

The strange thing is that the Summer Guide was actually published June 12 — more than two weeks ago.editor When it first came out, we got maybe two letters from local residents, and a couple of calls complaining about the cartoon’s resemblance to the Virgin of Guadalupe. Then silence, and then a flood of comments and TV reports this week.

As to whether the cartoon is supposed to resemble the Virgin of Guadalupe — yes, it is supposed to relate to what has become a cultural (and even commercialized) as well as a religious symbol. It is not meant to “be” the virgin herself. And while we’ve received a lot of emails accusing us of blasphemy, we’ve also gotten some pretty positive responses to the effect of “Art is supposed to make people think!”

* Newspaper criticized for Virgin Mary of Guadalupe cover (
* Priest: “I am personally and professionally insulted by the cover” (

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