Morning Report for July 5, 2013

* The Star-Ledger, which is threatening to close if it doesn’t get $9 million in concessions from production unions, has put its building up for sale. “We’re going to lease office space,” says the publisher, who tells his paper that the sale doesn’t have anything to do with the union negotiations. (
flags* Photo of fallen Arizona firefighters covered with American flags stirs controversy. (
* David Folkenflik reports on the Louisville station that’s limiting the use of “breaking news.” (
* Put a photo of your restaurant meal on Instagram and you might get rewarded. (
* The 1987 letter that 154 New Yorker staffers sent to Bob Gottlieb, urging him to turn down the editor job: (
* Philadelphia mayor’s treatment of the press “is becoming troubling.” (
* “The authentic Rupert” is heard in the recording of Murdoch meeting with arrested journalists. (
* Houston’s “Real Estate King” is a plagiarism king, too. (
* Patch creates a fictional publication for Disney movie planes. (
* Judge tosses Chicago reporter’s libel suit against rival TV station. (
* Columnist’s note: “I received several notes from readers saying there are no zebras in the Nigerian wild. They’re right.” (
* CBS: Put a camera on people 24/7 and you’re going to hear some ugly things. (