Oh no, KTVU!

UPDATE: The National Transportation Safety Board has apologized for “inaccurate and offensive names” that were mistakenly confirmed as those of the Asiana flight 214 pilots. “A summer intern acted outside the scope of his authority when he erroneously confirmed the names of the flight crew on the aircraft.”

Asian American Journalists Association: “Despite the NTSB’s apology, KTVU is hardly off the hook.”

ALSO: KTVU, which earlier boasted that it had covered the Asiana plane crash “without putting a single piece of erroneous information on our air,” has apologized for the gaffe.


“These are not their names,” notes Deadspin, which has video of the anchor reading the names.

There’s more about the error on the Oakland station’s Facebook page. (“I CAUGHT THE NAMES! I can’t believe that they didn’t catch that. Saved it to DVR,” and “DAMN I THOUGHT I WAS TRIPPIN WHEN TORI READ EACH ONE OF THOSE NAMES OUT LOUD!”)

* KTVU issued a retraction and apology later in the newscast (thedesk.matthewkeys.net)