An update on the Maine TV anchors who quit on the air

Bangor news anchors Tony Consiglio and Cindy Michaels made national news late last year when they resigned at the end of a 6 p.m. newscast. They still refuse to say exactly why they quit.

“I realize that we didn’t get into deep, deep specifics back at the time,” says Consiglio, “but I still don’t think it’s necessarily important to tell everybody why we left.”

He’s now writing for recently launched website, while Michaels hosts radio shows for two stations and sells shark dives.

“I have three jobs now,” says Michaels.” But it took a while to acquire all of them. I’ve really been blessed, but it’s been quite a journey. I have been selling things on eBay to get by. I borrowed from friends, and didn’t want to but borrowed money from my mother.”

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