Copywriter says F-U to Fred Meyer after wasting his time on a spec ad

Fred Meyer, the grocery chain, invited job-hunting copywriters to “show your crazy copy skills” and come up with an ad for “your best chance to land an interview for this opening.”

New Orleans ad man Carter Hooper decided to go for it.

“A ridiculous amount of work just to be considered for an interview,” he writes, “but spent a couple days — on vacation — designing an ad, an eblast and writing a radio script.” Here’s his ad:

Hooper waited to hear back from the Fred Meyer people. “It’s been four weeks and I haven’t heard a peep out of them.” He went back to work and came up with another ad.

This is what he sent to the supermarket giant’s marketing team:


Hooper tells me he still hasn’t heard about his ads. (Have a comment or job offer for him? He’s at

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