Fleet Street Pub says farewell to Nashville City Paper

Romenesko reader Nancy Henderson writes: “My husband, a former newspaper reporter here in Nashville and now owner of Fleet Street Pub, put together this ad that ran in the final issue of the City Paper. It’s been getting some great reaction, so I thought I would pass it along to you.”

She says husband Glenn “was a police reporter and then courts reporter for the Nashville Banner, for about three years. The Banner shut its doors in 1998. (I was a TV reporter there – that’s where we met.) CITYPAPERBoth of us went on to other jobs before the paper shut down. Glenn spent years as a software development engineer, with dreams of one day owning a bar. Laid off after 14 years with his company, he saw that it was the perfect time to actually pursue the dream.

“He and his partner, Ed Nottingham, opened Fleet Street Pub about two years ago. It is located in Printers Alley, the one-time publishing center of Nashville. Thus the name – An English pub, with a newspaper background in both owner and location….

“We recently had a 15-year reunion marking the death of the Nashville Banner, with a pretty nice crowd of Bannerites attending. The City Paper had their “wake” at the pub when news came that it would be shut down.”

* Nashville City Paper