Husband and wife quit the Rapid City Journal, say working there was ‘too demeaning’

Self-described “cranky, gray-haired reporter” Kevin Woster quit the Lee Enterprises-owned Rapid City Journal on Wednesday afternoon.rapid His wife, Mary Garrigan — a Journal reporter, food blogger, and religion writer — walked out too. (I’m told they were the longest tenured newsroom employees.)

“We can no longer work for that organization and its management,” Woster writes on his Facebook wall. “It’s too diminishing, too demeaning. ..We could not, would not eat what they wanted us to eat today.”

Journal editor Bart Pfankuch wouldn’t comment and Woster wouldn’t give details. He wrote in an email:

I don’t want to talk specifics about our resignations yesterday. That would be unfair to all involved. But it was a unhappy parting. I still love that paper. I hope for its future, despite its current struggles and the challenges in the business. This is a great news town and region and a great place for a reporter to live and work. Mary and I are saddened and a bit dazed today, since most of our professional lives have been in newspaper work, with a mix of South Dakota papers but mostly the Journal since the late 1980s. We’re now in the job market, hopefully looking ahead.


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