Afternoon Report for August 16, 2013

A tipster reports: “The Plain Dealer is being kicked out of The Plain Dealer building. Staffers were told today the news operations will move out in as soon as 8 weeks. The first floor of the block-long building will be remodeled so that Advance’s brand new, non-union online news operation can move in. The online company has about 50 employees. The PD news operation consists of 120 journalists — 36 dedicated to print production who were just moved to the 4th floor of PD headquarters and the remaining 82 on the 1st floor. (There are also 2 in Washington.)”
* Sarah Kelley (at left), the editor of Louisville Eccentric Observer, decides to resign rather than lay off a reporter. “Several weeks ago I was presented with the need to cut an editorial staff position. After thinking about it for several days I realized that’s not something I want to do. So I volunteered to be the person who left.” (
* A Time journalist writes from Cairo: “I felt a dull object hit my back. It was a brake disk from a car. …I kept running.” (
* Why shouldn’t food critics review restaurants when they first open? “If you’re not ready to let critics form impressions about your restaurant, then maybe you’re not ready to charge full price.” (
* Former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jack Ryan confirmed in a phone conversation this afternoon that he bought the Malibu Surfside News earlier this week. Ryan, who owns a place in Malibu, has 11 other newspapers — all in Illinois. He tells me his company, 22nd Century Media, plans to get the paper running again in October. The previous owner got sick in June and had to shut it down. || Ryan’s company is looking for an editor.
* 21st Century Fox buys a 5% stake of Vice Media for $70 million. (
* In public radio circles, “there’s still a lot of paranoia” about taking underwriting money from marijuana dispensaries. (
* CJR asks: Does Gannett think its own newspapers matter? (
* A public records request is filed seeking information about a public records request. (
* National Press Photographers Association executive director Mindy Hutchinson is stepping down in October. (
* Thanks, PR Daily, for putting my Twitter feed and website on your 10 Journalism Resources list. (