Deseret News says ‘Why the Family’ columnist lifted several paragraphs from New York Times

The correction below ran on A2 in Friday’s Deseret News. “Disconcerting is that the Deseret News did not run the correction online, reasoning that simply pulling the story in question off their website was enough,” writes one of the Romenesko readers who tipped me off to this. “The News continues to publish the Eyres column. [They] are authors who have published more than a dozen books, including several bestsellers.”


Here’s the Times piece and here’s a cached version (thanks, @kathrynswartz) of Richard Eyre’s “Why Men Need Women” column.

A reader points out: “Of the 10 paragraphs, exactly one full paragraph (the first one) is original, and three appropriately quote Grant’s original NYT piece, with quotes. The remaining six paragraphs are lifted word-for-word entirely or primarily without attribution.”