[UPDATED] Advice for billionaire newspaper owners

UPDATE: Jeff Bezos’s meeting with Washington Post employees, originally scheduled for Tuesday, has been changed to Wednesday. (Hey, @PostTV, how about broadcasting it, or at least doing a Bezos Q-and-A for the public?)

Date: August 30, 2013, 2:32:52 PM EDT
To: NEWS – All Newsroom
Subject: RESCHEDULED: Newsroom Q&A with Jeff Bezos

The Q&A with Jeff Bezos has been rescheduled. It will now take place on Wednesday, September 4 at 3:30, in the Community Room.

* Rem Rieder: “Interviews suggest that sentiment at the Post about the future [under Bezos] is decidedly mixed” (usatoday.com)

Here’s what the Phoenix’s Jeff Inglis says billionaire newspaper owners Jeff Bezos and John Henry should do:

* “Take themselves out of the picture” to “avoid all sorts of questions about ethics, improper influence, and messing with the public trust”
* Not expect to make much money
* Make the product better
* Remember they still answer to the public.

* Billions and billions (thephoenix.com)