Morning Report for August 30, 2013

* Tribune Co. reports second-quarter net income of $66.3 million — a 61.2 percent plunge from $170.8 million in the year-earlier period. Revenue dropped 10.5 percent. (
* Philadelphia Inquirer’s opinion section will go from two pages to one on Sept. 9, say sources. (
* Matt Hardigree on the problem with AP’s “Americans Driving Less” story. (
* Forbes writer: “There are few times that an article refuting a Forbes colleague is in need of publishing … this is one of those instances.” (
rupert* Rupert Murdoch’s pay drops to $28.9 million from $30 million last year. ( | A play about Murdoch’s life opens in Australia. (
* How two newspaper reporters helped free an innocent man. (
* College paper’s column comparing white rapper Macklemore to Martin Luther King Jr. gets “some extreme responses.” (
* Ken Doctor examines the GlobalPost-NBC News partnership. (
* Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang steps down in September. (
* The best-selling nonfiction Kindle Single in August is “Searching for Dave Chappelle.” (
* USA Today’s new Twitter account, @sportsPSA, sends sports alerts to your phone. (
* Denver Post lays off its photo director and web news content producer. (
* Rem Rieder to Obama administration: Lay off James Risen! (
* Farhad Manjoo wishes Valleywag would explore more important problems in technology and the tech industry. (
* Maybe a Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one who loves “Network”? (@ditzkoff)
ford* “Morning Joe” becomes “Morning Ford Commercial.” (
* Dan Kennedy on Boston media’s reaction to Rolling Stone’s Aaron Hernandez story. (
* Suggestion: Name San Francisco Zoo’s new Komodo dragon after ex-Chronicle editor – and 2001 dragon-attack victim — Phil Bronstein. (