[UPDATED] Jeff Bezos tells Washington Post staffers: ‘Don’t be boring’

Bezos at this afternoon's meeting (@cillizzac)

Bezos at this afternoon’s meeting (@cillizzac)

NEW —Ben Bradlee on how Jeff Bezos did today: “I thought he was original. That’s what impressed me the most.” (washingtonpost.com)

Tweets from Bezos’s meeting with the Post staff:

* “The death knell for any enterprise is to glorify the past” (@TheFix)
* First test in purchase decision is whether WaPo is important institution. Yes, Bezos decided (@erikwemple)
* Bezos: I am issue-focused and wapo editorial positions “line up” with “mine anyway” (@erikwemple)
* “Feel free to cover Amazon any way you want. Feel free to cover Jeff Bezos any way you want.” (@jjsimonWP)
* “I don’t think we need to keep shrinking the business.” (@clintonyates)
* “If I thought it was hopeless I’d feel BAD for you guys. But I wouldn’t want to join you” (@mboorstein)
* Bezos: “I really do believe that we’ll figure something out…” I’m less optimistic about desktops than I am about tablets. (@tjortenzi)
* “Should it be as easy to buy the Washington Post as it is to buy diapers on Amazon? I think it should.” (‏@CarolLeonnig)
* Mentions “financial runway” and says he can provide that. Must figure out how to “use gifts that the Internet gives us” (@erikwemple)
* On competition: JB worried abt any product that’s 100 percent ad-supported, because then you “start thinking your customer is advertisers.” (@erikwemple)
* “I’m not prepared to make any multi-decade commitments.” — Jeff Bezos (@jjsimonWP)
* Well then. Ben Bradlee, Leonard Downie, Bob Kaiser and Sally Quinn in the front row for the Jeff Bezos town hall at WaPo. (@jfdulac)
* Bezos on Don Graham: “I will never out-Don Don” (@benpershing)
* Bezos says the @nytimes passage on Amazon always declining to comment (then declining to comment) was “hilarious. That was good writing.” (@jfdulac) [Here it is.]
* “I never worked on the school newspaper.” — Jeff Bezos (@jjsimonWP)
* Post employee behind me: This was a tough room. #Bezos aced it (@Brook)

* What Bezos said about Amazon’s pursuit of CIA contracts (washingtonpost.com)


The Washington Post reports its new owner, Jeff Bezos, told staffers: “What has been happening over the last few years can’t continue to happen. All businesses need to be young forever. If your customer base ages with you, you’re Woolworth’s. The number one rule has to be: Don’t be boring.”

* Bezos courts Washington Post editors and reporters (washingtonpost.com)