Evening Report for September 5, 2013

* ProPublica: Why we published our decryption piece. (“The story, we believe, is an important one.”) (propublica.org)
* Jen Chaney: “Dammit, I think film critics still matter.” (thedissolve.com)
* Facebook’s New York office has “that young and brash vibe.” (abs-cbnnews.com)
minn* Twin Cities’ alt-weekly points out that some of BuzzFeed’s “Most Minnesotan Things That Ever Happened” never happened in Minnesota. (citypages.com) | BuzzFeed will probably do about $60 million this year. (niemanlab.org)
* The Onion faces the same pressures as straight-news media — a mandate to be faster, do more with less, and have insta-opinions on everything. (slate.com)
* Longtime Albany Times Union chief editorial writer Jim McGrath dies of a heart attack at 56. (timesunion.com)
* A New York Times reader doubts the paper would ever choose a public editor “whose sensibility clashes with the paper’s self-important, preppy culture.” (nytimes.com)
* I’d take this college course: “Understanding Media by Understanding Google.” (coursera.org)
* Alec Baldwin will host a weekly prime time interview show on MSNBC. (nytimes.com)
* MailOnline posts over 600 stories a day, and nine other facts about the site. (adage.com)
* Science writer Dan Vergano quits USA Today for NationalGeographic.com. (nationalgeographic.com) | Tech writer Farhad Manjoo leaves Slate for the Wall Street Journal. (wsj.com)
* Whistle (and drink) while you work: OC Weekly staffers discover it’s the janitor who’s stealing their whiskey. (ocweekly.com)