Leonard Maltin: I found out about my ‘South Park’ appearance through a press release

maltinFilm critic Leonard Maltin did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this week and was asked: “Did the creators of South Park offer you the role to play yourself [at right] in the Mecha-Streisand episode?”

Maltin: “No, I only found out about the South Park appearance two weeks before it aired…and even that came from a press release, not from the show itself. But I was delighted with the result, and they still repeat that episode all the time. I even got to meet Isaac Hayes (Chef) some years later and hear him say my name out loud — in person.”

A young film critic asked Maltin for career advice.

Maltin: “I don’t know what prospects there are for making a livingleonard in this already-specialized field nowadays, with newspapers folding (and firing critics) and people who do have jobs clinging to them for dear life. The Internet is wide open, of course, but there aren’t many established sites that pay a living wage and that’s the real challenge. I’ve been awfully lucky in my career, but I’m not immune to these changes, and I’m glad I’m not starting out today. That said, if you love to write about movies, don’t let anyone deter you — you just may have to do it as an avocation rather than a full-time job.”

* I am movie critic and film historian Leonard Maltin (reddit.com)