Morning Report for September 13, 2013

* A retired UPS exec buys Maxim magazine. ( | (
tina* Tina Brown’s memoir, “Media Beast,” will be published in early 2016. (Re The Daily Beast: “I just felt that my job was done” there, she says.) (
* The Daily Beast’s fate will be decided by the first week of October. (
* Tina Brown’s charity raised over $1 million, but gave out just $10,000. (
* “Tina Brown died as Beast honcho because she treated it like a 90s magazine,” writes Choire Sicha. (
* A blogger’s beef with BuzzFeed is settled with a donation to charity. (
* Paul Krugman: I have better things to do with my time than tweet. (
* Early Twitter investor Jeff Bezos is about to get even richer. (
* Departing NUVO editor recalls the feces he got in the mail. (
* The National Book Awards’ annual “5 Under 35” list is made up of all women writers. (
today* It sounds like we’ll be seeing a lot of orange on the “Today” show. (
* Rem Rieder: Kudos to New York Times for running Putin’s piece. (
* Time managing editor Rick Stengel is at least the 15th journalist to join the Obama administration. (
* Gawker editor John Cook is trying to get records about Bill O’Reilly’s wife’s fling with a cop. (
* Readers of UK’s Sun “strongly support” topless models on Page 3. (