Morning Report for September 16, 2013

* Josh Marshall: Capital New York — recently acquired by Politico — “is a very un-Politico-like publication.” (
* Bleacher Report co-founder Bryan Goldberg aims to make his new site, Bustle, the “biggest and the most powerful women’s publication in the world.” (
playboy* Playboy CEO: “We’ll stop publishing the U.S. magazine in print over my dead and buried body.” (
* A look at Colorado newspapers’ page one flood coverage: (
* The Washington Post needs a design overhaul, says
Fréderic Filloux. (
* ESPN’s Skip Bayless may be the most hated man in sports. (
* A preservation group decides against trying to have the Washington Post Building declared a historical landmark. (
* Over 41,000 sign up for Owen Youngman’s “Understanding Media by Understanding Google” online course. (
* ADVERTISEMENT: Sign up for “Branded Content Strategy and Management,” a 10-week class in Chicago. (
* Native advertising “could kill journalism if publishers aren’t careful.” (
* Why reporters are like cops walking the beat. (
* A “spirited and sad” discussion about Boston Phoenix’s demise. ( | Earlier: Where Phoenix staffers landed. (
* Paywall update: Arkansas Times signs up 600 subscribers in six weeks. (
* Liberal watchdog Media Matters notices a new level of hostility toward Obama – even from liberal outlets. (
* You’ll notice some subtle design changes in the new issue of The New Yorker. (
* PR firm Ketchum is Putin’s biggest cheerleader in the U.S. (It got him Time’s Person of the Year award.) (
* Not even the FCC knows who owns Omaha’s oldies radio station. (
* BuzzFeed insists it’s sensitive to photographers’ copyright complaints. (