Afternoon Report for September 17, 2013

* USA Today expects a 35 percent drop in newsstand sales when the price goes from a buck to $2 later this month. (
* Reuters correspondent challenges editor’s order to pick up competitors’ scoops. (
* Dallas Voice editor says he was fired for reporting on the pride parade public-erection ban. (

Max Siepert , 11, meets the press.

Max Siepert , 11, meets the press.

* The best “press conference” I’ve watched today: An 11-year-old boy explains his $10.03 donation to a police department. (9-11 made him do it.) (
* City officials ask Bristol Press editors to crack down on commenters. (
* Blogger considers suing New York Post for publishing her tweet in its Miss America racist backlash story. (
* News consumers are dying to read well-written obituaries. (
* Nancy Gibbs is named Time magazine managing editor. ( | Gibbs explains what’s next for Time. (
* Indiana student who wrote about Aaron Swartz wins Chronicle of Higher Education’s journalism award. (
* Fox News changes its primetime line-up. Greta Van Susteren is “to the moon thrilled” with her earlier shift. (
* An endorsement from Michael Wolff: “Medium is, actually, not all that bad.” (
* Cox Media Group Ohio merges two of its daily newspapers. (
* “Suspicious men” who took a photo of a child were on assignment for the Centre Daily Times. (