Why Carl Bernstein chose to teach at Stony Brook and not at an Ivy League school


College drop-out Carl Bernstein, who is co-teaching a “Press and the Presidency” course at Stony Brook University, says he’s “not a great believer in the necessity of journalism education, though I can see its usefulness.”

Why Stony Brook?

“I didn’t want to go to an Ivy League college or university — too many of them are stuck in a rarified approach to learning,” he tells Erika Prafder. “I also wanted to be among a student body that had more young people who were not there by virtue of legacy or earning power of their parents.”

Also, Stony Brook administrators “seemed to me to have an unconventional notion of how to break the usual academic mold — so what students are learning is more useful to their lives, not just ‘book knowledge.’”

* Iconic journalist Carl Bernstein joining Stony Brook University (nypost.com)
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