Morning Report for October 10, 2013

(credit: Chuck Liddy/News & Observer)

(credit: Chuck Liddy/News & Observer)

Full MOJO Mode
Fred Zimmerman writes in an email with the subject line, “Ms. Jack-Of-All-Trades”: “This is a big local story in the NC Triangle, a big story in college sports, and here’s a woman trying to cover it, seeking some comment while holding a microphone and a huge camera. I admire her efforts, but the tide of Journalism 2013 seems to be running against her.”

Also this morning:
* Orange County Register is buying the Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise from A.H. Belo, which is holding on to the real estate. The $27.25 million deal is expected to close in mid-October. (
* Financial Times is killing its regional print editions and going with a single global daily paper. (
* AP retracts its Terry McAuliffe story. ( | AP: “Initial McAuliffe alert moved on AP VA state wire 9:45 p.m. Story withdrawn 1 hour and 38 minutes later. That’s 1 hour 38 minutes too long.” (@PDColford_AP)
* Oklahoma State University student reporter is caught fabricating sources. The paper declines to name her. ( | (
* Phil Bronstein: “Anderson Cooper was mentioning ‘the C.I.R.’ 18 times” during a recent CNN report “and who [in TV land] knows what the C.I.R. is?” (It’s the Center for Investigative Reporting.) (
* Newspapers are cutting their opinion pages and, says one editor, “looking at themselves less as being an editorial voice and more as being a stimulator of conversation.” (
* The case of the Patch reporter threatened with jail for not naming his source is “a horrendous example of judicial overreaching.” (
* A new book describes what it’s like working for Jeff Bezos. (
* TV Newser co-editor Alex Weprin jumps to Capital New York. (
* Chicago Reader’s 70-something media critic: “Journalists of a certain vintage are confounded by the contemporary insistence on self-expression — the ukase that the story’s not finished until you’ve ballyhooed it on social media.” (
* Reuters is offering buyouts to journalists who’ve been with the company for at least 18 years. (
* Lawrence Journal-World now uses Facebook comments – and gets over 400 comment about that. (
* Noted: Janet Yellen worked on her high school and college newspapers. (
* Longtime New Republic film critic Stanley Kauffmann is dead at 97. ( | (
* There’s a lot of napping going on at The Huffington Post. (@stenmic)