[UPDATED] Sun-Times sells ‘striking’ photos taken by photographers it laid off in May

On page 40 of today’s paper:

I asked laid-off Sun-Times photographer Rob Hart about this. He writes:

I doubt any of my awesome photos are in there, I don’t care to look, and if they are and someone loves it enough to pay for it and display on their fridge then that’s pretty great. They trusted me to go out in the community and find great stories and compelling images that are worth something and I can’t fault them for wanting the world to see our images. John H. White taught us to be like the lightning bug and never let anyone contain our light. We don’t take photos to put them in a box.

Waking up everyday knowing people value your work is the best part about not working for that paper. It’s been almost 5 months since I’ve had to say “I’m sorry we’re doing the best with what we have,” everyday. So thanks Michael Ferro!

UPDATE — Chicago Newspaper Guild communications director Beth Kramer writes: “Sun-Times photo archives are full of incredible photographs from professional photojournalists. It’s a shame that these archives aren’t getting any recent additions since there are no longer any photojournalists on staff. Chicago Newspaper Guild remains hopeful that we will win our legal battle to see these talented photojournalists restored.

“The Guild’s charges against Sun-Times to restore the photographers are pending with National Labor Relations Board. Before the government shut down, the case was sent to the advice division in Washington D.C. due to the complex nature of the legalities of the case.”

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