Pierre Omidyar’s message to newspapers: Sorry about destroying your business model!

From Thursday’s “Morning Edition” interview with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, who is launching a new media outlet:

Renee Montagne: “I imagine you get the irony that you’re part of the same tech industry that helped doom traditional newspapers. I mean, eBay did it — small part maybe — to help erode classified ads for print media. Have you thought about that irony?

Pierre Omidyar: “Well [starts laughing], I’d say, I mean — first thing is, really sorry about that. Didn’t mean to destroy your business model [still laughing].pierre Let me just put that out there. But I think it’s the nature of the evolution of technology. You know, I mean technology evolves and it always disrupts. I think today rather than looking backwards at old models that we wish still existed, we’re looking forward to this incredible opportunity. …This is just truly a golden age for journalism, it’s a time for independent journalists to make their mark, and we’re going to create an entity that helps drive that forward.”

Montange: Where do you get your news?

Omidyar: “Like so many people I start my day on Twitter, and I find out what are people linking to. I’ve been really enjoying the Guardian’s coverage, of course, ever since the Snowden revelations and I think the broader coverage in the United States is great. And I scan the websites of the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. So it’s a variety of sources.”

* eBay founder explains his venture into journalism (npr.org/audio)