Morning Report for October 28, 2013

* Bill Keller and Glenn Greenwald have what the former Times editor calls “a (mostly) civil argument.” ( | “Lopsided debate,” claims Dan Froomkin. (@froomkin)
* John Henry explains why he bought the Boston Globe: “I believe deeply in the future of this great community, and the Globe should play a vital role in determining that future.” (
* Univision and ABC News are launching an English-language cable news and entertainment channel called Fusion. (
* “Society is getting more candid regarding alcoholism,” even on the obit/death notice pages. “And about time.”
* Washington Times plans to sue over confiscation of reporter’s files. (
* Banksy is steamed about being rejected by the New York Times. (
* A journalism student’s “mind-blowingly good” piece about a Waffle House closing. (@richarddeitsch)
* David Zurawik: “It is starting to feel as tech billionaires might be just the folks to save journalism.” (
* Cable tycoon Gerry Lenfest explains how he got into the Philadelphia Inquirer mess. (
* David Carr says Gawker’s item about Shepard Smith and his male date didn’t get significant pick-up because “the culture has moved on.” (Others say it was old news.) (
* High school journalists gave bomb threat updates via Twitter after their school was evacuated. (
* A paywall is going up at the Richmond Times-Dispatch. (
* Gramblinite staffers explain the recent drama at the college paper. (