Morning Report for October 31, 2013

New Mexico weekly’s fine-print prediction from October 24
M.E. Sprengelmeyer emailed the above image and this note at 10:29 p.m. Wednesday: “The Red Sox win in six games? That’s old news in our paper. We reported it in the fine print under the lottery results in the Oct. 24, 2013, edition of The Guadalupe County Communicator, Santa Rosa, N.M. (In case you’re wondering, the rest of the line says: ‘But we’re not happy about that.’)”
* Earlier: Sprengelmeyer saves a weekly in New Mexico by expanding (

* Norm Pearlstine resigns as Bloomberg chief content officer and returns to Time Inc. (
* A new report says USA Today is the most widely circulated weekday paper in the U.S. (
* New York Times Co. reports a quarterly loss after the sale of its New England Media Group. (
* Ken Doctor has eight reasons to feel optimistic about the future of newspapers. (
* College papers are starting to focus on digital. (
* San Francisco Chronicle says it will avoid using “Redskins.” (
* Glenn Greenwald: Our new site will be up and running reasonably soon. (
* Former Village Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega is named Raw Story executive editor. (
* At Time Warner, all parents of new children have the option of 10 paid weeks off – except biological fathers. Josh Levs is challenging that. (
* Philadelphia Inquirer’s associate publisher resigns. “The current governance and ownership structure … has made it impossible for me to complete my duties with traditional autonomy and independence,” he says. (
* Ohio woman is charged after running over a TV reporter working on an investigative story about stolen packages. (
* D.C. TV reporter is attacked by a woman while covering a home invasion. (
* Editor & Publisher announces the winners of its 2013 EPPY Awards. (
* Time Inc. magazines’ content is coming to Flipboard. (
* Andy Carvin: NPR has accepted my buyout request. (
* Literary critics “have been surprisingly reluctant to embrace the tweet.” (
* LivingSocial apologizes for decorating a Halloween “greed” room with dreidels, reports the Washington Post, whose owner has invested in LivingSocial. (