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“Shortly before 5 p.m., Bill Marimow returned to the newsroom on Market Street where he was fired Oct. 7 by Publisher Bob Hall. The editor was greeted by a standing ovation from staffers. He made no speeches, but walked around shaking hands and accepting congratulations.”

— From Ralph Cipriano’s story at
Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Patricia A. McInerney ruled this afternoon that Inquirer editor Bill Marimow’sbill firing violated the contract rights of Inquirer co-owner Lewis Katz, who had opposed the newsroom leader’s dismissal.

The Inquirer reports: “McInerney said the partnership agreement that formed the paper’s parent company was ambiguous as to whether Katz, a managing partner of Interstate General Media, should have had the chance to block the firing of Marimow.

* Judge rules fired Inquirer editor can return to work | The ruling (
* Expect more sparring from the Philly newspapers’ ownership group (

UPDATE: “We believe today’s decision is wrong and will harm the journalistic
independence and operations of the newsroom,” say the men who call themselves the “majority owners.” (The camp that supports Marimow tells me: “There is no majority owner and this terminology is irrelevant with the management committee structure which gives Mr. Katz and Mr. Norcross blocking rights of any decision. They are using this device to gain leverage in the public’s mind but it is completely inaccurate.”)

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Today’s Sad Journalism Job Ad
The historic Wells Inn in Sistersville, West Virginia, is starting a newsletter intended to “compliment and not compete with other area and regional papers,” and is advertising for a reporter.

Candidates must have “a sence of humor,” and be okay with checking in hotel guests. The hotel/newsletter publisher is paying up to $20,000 for the position and “will consider providing room and board to right candidate while you are getting settled.”

What you’ll cover: “Just about anything and everything. Entertaining criminal stupidity, colorful local characters, business and development stories, and dealing with self promoting “pillars of society.”

* Historic Wells Inn seeks reporter for start-up newsletter (
* Update: There’s a lively discussion about this ad on Facebook (


“Wait, you mean chupacabra?” tweeted Slade Sohmer.


That’s not a mistake on the front page Thursday’s Bangor Daily News.

Columnist John Holyoke writes: “Readers came up with nearly 20 suggestions [about the mystery beast spotted in the area], including actual and fictional animals. Then there was the apparently hungry reader who stepped out of the animal realm and suggested my photo showed a chimichanga.”


-- From today's New York Times review.

— From today’s New York Times review.

* “Bettie Page Reveals All” (but she really doesn’t) (

“Phil Ball’s piece wouldn’t be such an ethical disaster if it hadn’t sprung from a junket,” writes Barry Petchesky. “It’s sort of astounding that ESPN couldn’t find a few thousand dollars in the budget to head off the inevitable backlash.”

* ESPN writer takes all-expenses-paid trip to Qatar (
* Ty Duffy: “No reader was misled about the nature of the reporting” (
* “Doesn’t this break nearly every code of journalistic ethics?” (

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* The Riverside (CA) Press-Enterprise finally belongs to Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner. ( | (
* News organizations complain to the White House about the “visual press releases” that have replaced independent photojournalism. (
* ESPN president John Skipper puts on his press critic hat:: “I read [the New York Times] this morning and it was really good.” (
* Washington Post veteran Liz Spayd is named Columbia Journalism Review editor-in-chief and publisher. (
* New York Times Magazine editor guessing-game continues. (
errorists* Official WH photographer’s tweet: “Pres Obama signs a bill in the Oval Office as press photographers take photos.” (@petesouza)
* Those errorists! “I love our copy desk,” tweets NYT’s Jessica Silver-Greenberg. (@jbsgreenberg)
* Lara Logan’s husband is a puffer — “he puffs himself up.” (
* It’s the one-year anniversary of James Foley’s capture. “Jim will return home,” his parents write, “but as many of his dear friends know, he tends to run late.” (
* Some NPR listeners want to be told when segments are “reruns.” (
* Magazine readership (digital and print) is up slightly. (
* The federal government is making it harder for journalists to get records that should be available to the public. (
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* has been a spam blog since 2011. (
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